Here again

Tempting taunts of nights visions day brought
Once in throws anxieties release sought
Grasping at life while furtively to night bound
Around and around in images in drowned
Rummaging about slumbers attic cares abound
Ragged beset by unhinged frustrations in night they hound
Hounding till from all in flight I climb
Climbing till my perch lofty yields to earths touch
Wrestles as days light releases a weary mind
Minds traps and treasures reminding a soul
Souls know not the living purgatory in which we grow
Growing only as fed by nights subsisting dread
Dreading till from this bed on wooded floors I stand
Stand trembling in heart at reality’s beat in my waking head
Yearning for slumbers enriching embrace
Stumbling through day remembering nights race
Racing back seeking new hole I find
Find this bed bereft of dread
Here returning sleep deprived
Unafraid climbing into nights grave
Digging coverlets into a lid
Dressed in dreams best
Let’s slumbers race begin
Here again


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