Three jewels

In this life came three of great price… Eyes of jewels gleaming bright… Voices grown in worlds unknown… Three are they, I pray for each day… Faces etched in a broken heart… Words passing for a fresh start… Wrongs perceived, losses complete… Three are these jewels I cannot see.. A souls pain, a woman’s disdain… […]

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Oiling the fix

In a wordless glance, without the stroke of a pen, it began. Vestiges of chaos fracturing time, carry action with no reason or rhyme. Building on ageless strife, demeaning hope with conferences deep in the night. Speculation, builds on woes, carries prices skyward defeating old foes. With out a word, shared gain, liars gold reigns, […]

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Tender fingers delicately tease dark strands across parted lips… Wide eyes reflecting childish wishes as words encourage plays initiatives… Tiny voices grow in chorus, “fly me Addie, Fly me next…” Launched from earths infernal hold toward heaves eternal goal… Returning to strong caring hands, memories if friends for every stands… Smiling faces, fill these eyes, […]

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Fifty tears

A flag, flapping in damp breezes, marking the way, with thirteen stripes, fifty tears… Weary eyes a final pathway charts, under thirteen stripes, fifty tears… A hero to early this world departs, guided by thirteen stripes, fifty tears… Sweeping past weeping throngs, bowed heads, flags saluting with thirteen stripes, fifty tears… WAM

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Deaths day

Heavy hangs this air of defeat as we together stand at the calends feet. Unruly hearts felled in our pride, together over this hurt we cried. Can another carry us through, this darkness that descends on me and you? For us others have bled, regardless our reasons instead of us they’re dead. Defend what you […]

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Comfort in the storm

In this passing storm comfort is found. Found in the clap of thunder that rattles this ground. In the charging fingers of lightening scratching without sound. Comfort is found, for in each is God bound. Relentless as a winter storm his love us surrounds. Constant as a spring rain his peace abounds. Comfort in this […]

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As a world unravels around us, we stand holding our cameras. Reminded of a phrase, heard in younger days. How one judges others sane, in a world quite off it’s main. Still here we are, recording insanity from afar. WAM

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Crops of hope

Interwoven with failures weeds, are success seeds. Here between loss and deprivation grow hopes salvation. Cast on fallow ground, lives withering unwatered by faiths parting clouds. Fears temptation, fretting discourse, fraught in feted exchanges, floundering course. Growing still under darkening skies, biting the earth, seeking to rise. Cramped, curving, seeking space, filling with the suns […]

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Unearned pride

In between the folds it began, fear, away with men’s hearts soon ran. Quartered between hysteria and hate, a generation their elders denigrate. Ripples casting aside times even measure, rumbling about caressing how’s treasure. In hours of unearned pride, liberty cried and peace died. Taken in small measures, belittled freedoms failing with life’s unchallenged weather. […]

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