Crimson flows evil’s desires, when men’s hearts burn with hates fires… Victims weeping with deceits gain, carving death from living flesh sorrow rains… Sweeping blades rip and tear as anger unleashed on a choir rings out before a seasonal manger…Bone on steel, lead on flesh cries of anguish growing from evils seeds now sowing.. Growing […]

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News pride

If loss has a universal image, it is the fatherless daughter crying into her weeping mothers shoulder. The forlorn look of a man bereft of is life long friend staggering through a memorial procession. If success carries a similar image, it is in a Dias filled with opponents congratulating a former leader before throngs of […]

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West fallen

In the tortured mass of yesterday, flames claim lives from today… Undeniable Courage, into life depriving devastation each runs to their ruin… Memories remain, of the men who came as other refrained… Honoring your passing, we stand where you fell, you stories to tell… Tomorrow will know from these boot prints you leave and those […]

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This point

Underpowered forms, fussing between average norms… Testing each step, grinding joints no longer do I skip, how did I get to this point.. Hair a fright, eyes wide, cannot see well in day or night.. Pride with all else has fallen, even my smile descends for a while… Yet onward I stride, aluminum limbs stirring […]

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Cold in here

Cold in here is it, this chilling wind stirred by passing feet… Up from harder surfaces I’ve known, yet from here I cannot go…. Unblinking eyes, racing to capture cloud filling blue skies… Cold in here is it, gripping fingers like ice, stilling a hearts rights… Slumber claims this damaged frame, up from here I […]

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Stealing arrow

Graceful flowing streams of life, sweeping memories sediments away. Wide staring eyes of youth, pessimistic grin or age… Wanting words of beginnings, longing wishes nearing an end… Fumbling forced first steps, foundering frustrating shuffling feet.. Between mountains and steep valleys, along forgotten byways…. Are these moments treasured, baring and sharing for those so daring… Times […]

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Slices Innocence finds enmity rebounding between her beginning and now. When ages collapse under trivial pursuits of anxieties growing burdens. Traveled well memories trails are forged in endless forests and dells. Men taking from another, whispers of deceit and disorder. Forgetting first, for a time, oppression from cradle till, they die. In words forging freedoms […]

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First hour

In the still that is dawns first light, the sun chasing away the night… In the peace of the first hour, fell his mercy, know his power… There, stop and listen, hearing the chorus of each he’s taken… Sweetly calling, sharing heavens chords, caressing your hurt without any words.. There, in that first hour, knowing […]

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Boston friend

Behind a reporter, clad in armor standing poised to battle for right.. there in the face, the friend I’d not seen in years, stood looking back at me through his tears. Not since our jungle, long since our first huddle, standing there in Boston, looking but not seeing me, but I him…he saved me once, […]

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To stay

Quivering chord betray a hearts hurting beat. Struggling, heaving lungs clamor for air as disbelief mixes with despair. Tarnished faces filling flickering screens, unfamiliar places, watching, wanting to scream. Why! Why? Hungry for understanding for lives before unknown. Reaching out in prayer for those who painfully stare. Not a person we know, still this heart […]

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