Whump, Whump the pressure builds, feeling each as well as hearing my heart drumming life’s beat. Waiting here within cold sterile walls as heels echo on marbled halls for a moment a word. Sure each letter of my health is absurd, yet here I wait for a doctor my life style to denigrate. Higher than […]

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Hates due

Ridicule born in faithful words cast on willing throngs now angry herds hopes trashed… Teasing terror from the sane for hates eternal gain. Stirring dangers muscled mass, a seething army dine on hopes repast.. Gathering weary wanting souls, religious leaders well composed. Passioned pleas born of deceit, hearing, faithful followers taught defeat… Fermenting fevered rhetoric, […]

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Get out of my embassy

How arrogant grows ignorance? The belly of turbulent masses driven by power hungry religious leaders life holds no meaning. It’s pages have I many times read. While I cannot agree with several principals, I do not find its faults un redeemable. How then can those who call their faith the most tolerant, demand and create […]

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Memories void

Cobalt blue cylinders streak skyward… Memories fill spaces with what was… Red, white and blue bath a growing spire.. Their memories- will outlast evils night… WAM

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New book

Swirling eddies caress crystal sides as firm fingers gently whirl the tart smokey fluid in a thick bottomed glass held aloft. “this is the aroma of failure…within each aged drink are a thousand prides swallowed. A thousand brides lost and this souls defeat recorded, one more swallow, and it is…” With a quick motion his […]

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Teena’s dream

A brisk breeze rakes loose sand across bare flesh, coating oil covered arms and shoulders…relief fills her fair face as the oceans surf calls her name… Suns unrelenting gaze follows her form into the blue welcoming waters… As shadows cast from bluffs and man deepen into evenings cooling shadow, up from moon driven surf her […]

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High preassure

Weeks winding through growing pains, popping relief from a bottle… Working through thoughtless moments afraid losses growing.. Functioning in a haze looking quite dazed… Pressured to check the very blood in which I’m kept.. Finding great pressure within straining to get out..l Sad face fills my own as a doctor drones on… This number here […]

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