Can I see

Can I see what becomes of this one Standing before others with faith his only weapon Diminished understands of a world in chaos Unable to see challenges grow courage Fear breeds anxieties pangs Trepidation enlists failures sour lips Whispering insecurities deadly steps Boldly striding between evils spires Mortal men fearing not deaths inclusion Weapons of […]

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Kneeling now I seek

Kneeling now I seek the words Sifting thoughts and prayers I feel A peace which fills this hurting heart For a brother father with a bad start Misunderstood before us he began Faulty desires unwieldy his demise Now in prayer for those left asking why In need of peace in hopeless tears Forgetting your love […]

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Suicide by cop

You gave it away One day Standing before all You gave that call Leaving none for us You took from each You gave it all away Leaving sorrow Pain and anger Wresting relief from us Leaving none to trust Who gives you the right To on a day Take your life Yet you made another […]

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Skin walker

Sifting flesh over angry bones Evil walks this earth alone Casting wide a wicked glare Snatching souls from those who dare To stare upon the unholy form Desiring hearts from living torn Willingly led now untimely dead Rattling breath on moonless nights Avert your eyes lest fear claim your sight Soulless taunts as evil walks […]

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Hello, answered prayers return me

Hello Answered prayers return me Return me to my knees Humbled Humbled by you majesty Seeing your peace fill an angry heart Turn grieving into hope Turn suffering Turn it into laughter So simple is the request So astounding your answer I thank you Knowing nothing Hoping for everything Your grace Is sufficient Tired grows […]

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Hello, hey it’s me again

Hello Hey, it’s me again Seems like we never stop talking I get your point But Do ya have to make me cry Seems she suffers I cry Thought men didn’t cry Guess Guess it’s the frustration I seem to take back Everything I give you Forgive me You you I thank With every fiber […]

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Hello, blurry eyed I return

Hello Blurry eyed I return to you Seeing her Sitting there Plugged into wildfire Filling her veins My love Life forever changed Your strength I can only mirror Your will celebrate Watching you there At peace in this place Winking You smile With out fears trace On your sweet face I thank you For this […]

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