Heaven’s you are

Many are the hopes with pains descent… Many are the dreams fear from the heart sent… When we forget, when we relent, many are the needs a heart forgets… Rumbling prayers from those who care… Fitful wailing from those who dared… What they forget, you already know, heaven’s you are an they hope to go…. […]

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Prayers sword

Prayers sword Getting what will be into this timid mind… Letting it sink in, words and wants not mine… Giving you glory, listening to others stories… Having a hope, with each trial I’ll cope… Here in this heart with faiths greatest spark… Unleashing a conflagration on evils crimson fields… This sword of prayer I’m wielding… […]

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Short Run

Short run A wavering heart quivers with each labored breath, Listening for the last, praying it will come fast. Wanting what was, when all had first begun. Realizing how short is, this life’s true run. Gathering storms of fear fill these eyes, Raining pains tears, flush with goodbyes… Never forever, wishing you’ll stay, knowing soon […]

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By your bed

Standing here at your side, listening… Praying by your bed, knowing he is listening… Wanting to say, what will make this hurt go away… Standing here at your side, listening… Praying by your bed, knowing he is listening… Wanting to share, with others with whom you care… Standing here at your side, listening… Praying by […]

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I Offer

What can I offer in words, that could steal the pain from your heart… What can I offer you in deeds, that could reform your broken heart… What can I offer you in prayers, that could bring peace your shattered heart… A heart like this, that gives without regret, that is what I can offer.. […]

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Dreams demands

Dreams demands Demanding tones awaken in me these thoughts born away at the break of day. Crushing twilight a moments of pleasure, contemplated at dreams leisure. Still droning into fulfilling thoughts at the days cost a swinging arm the tone disarms. Pressed into billowing forms, sleep and dreams become once again the norm. Till at […]

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Between today and tomorrow

Parched lips pass evenings prayers as crimson eyes scan the night skies… Seeking unseen what only a heart can hear, yet still I come here… Here between today and tomorrow, frustrated by fear and sorrow… Prayers regain my stooped composure, as I rise shakily looking for life’s closure… Here between today and tomorrow, frustrated by […]

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Blind mud

Blind mud What is said is more than seen by one who sits here without any means… Listening in praying between coins tossed without care…. Wanting, wanting for what they cannot share.. Days pass between birth and despair siting here still unable to stare… Counting blessings in dusty breaths, sandals passing souls derelict… A hush, […]

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Twelve eight time

Twelve eight time Responding to her hearts marks, the base begins a rhythmic chart… Trembling tones of a baritone, bolster the Saxes reply, time flies… A drummer Pacing beats shuffle sated feet under brushing hush on the musical rim… Twelve they count, as the horn wags out, as eight repeats the musical date.. Again the […]

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Darkened minds

Darkened minds I have seen into the darkness which clouds men’s minds… Wrapping around the strands of reason, restricting choice while belittling success… Each stifling strand owes its birth to evils demands… Within angry hearts desiring others thoughts, wicked wants begin… Winding through the hopes of men, wresting faith where it first begins… Frothing religious […]

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