alone in walls

Alone in walls of hate a man stands awaiting his fate burdened with hope with his faith he can cope taking evils last sling in heaven he’ll soon sing he’s not alone he is Gods own you cannot take his life he already gave it this night Alone stands no man As long as he’s […]

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they proceed

compounding arrogance with ignorance, they proceed denying logic amid the flurry of evidence revealed, they proceed unable to understand simple directives, they proceed trampling rights and wills, they proceed forcing with metal and steel liberties sacrifice, they succeed unchecked by a nations great might, they proceed undaunted by words of love, they proceed to their […]

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Hello, alone in thought

Hello Alone in thought I return to you Battling with frustrations dream shredding talons Sifted with each new trial Alone but not your presence peace returns I thank you Tempted to turn on these that sting with angry words Tempted to run from those who offer help Tempted to face a worlds tormenters alone Tempted […]

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Casual breaths of unwanted

Casual breaths of unwanted threats. Urgings unkind of a world demented mind. Flagrant infractions in sanities realm. Casting about for those to overwhelm. Between tortured and tormented are these. Heaven is hell daily on bended knees. Seeking alms from allah’s curse. Spreading hate in Koranic verse. Hobbled today by evils ancient desires. Seeking to kindle […]

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Hello, tripping over my own

Hello tripping over my own wants i return to you seeking her needs in prayers i continually call passionate about her return to health angry with my self I thank you Fever fills this mind at rest burning with nights unrest simmering thoughts of deeds undone brimming over with unrealistic fears sleepless I thank you […]

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So much to say

Mom So much to say it will fill more than one day. So many things to tell you. So many things to ask. So much has happened all to fast. So much I need to understand. So much I hope you will. So much I found in this place. So much I hope for in […]

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