Grand Child

  Wanting for the words of a wounded heart to hear. Touching the songs a child spreads in prayer.  Caressing thoughts shared in nights long despair. Grandfathers’ hopes shared with a child so much cared. Supplanting others where flesh should stand. But gladly sharing again and again born of a friend. Boundless grows a fathers […]

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Liberties call

Caught in a maelstrom, battered beyond recognition, Liberty replots her course. Unheralded, her success and with out fear, an electorate in her defense rises to democracies call. Are you again counted among the few willing to cast a lot toward freedoms poll? Even in losing with democracy all are winners. WAM

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Chapter from new book

Still before the passing crowds she watches as they pass, all oblivious to her presence. Between grey shadows of late afternoon and the tan plastered walls her simple blouse and trousers call no attention to her as she witness the passage of day as her own live stands in the balance. “Can you hear them? […]

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Regardless perceptions, visions so racially challenged preclude understanding regardless guilt or innocence. Intent for a jury to find, legal failures should not bind as justice for all we now call. Flames leaping from metal held form, casting death into a youthful one, leaving angry questions for one. Charge not laws failures too many already we […]

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We are for others

We are the examples of hope to a world without. Regardless the countless failures within our society, Americans are the greatest assemblage of creeds, religions and strengths ever gathered on this plant. It is for this society to succeed that a hungry world need for guidance should gaze. Even faulty steps forward are better than […]

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Reason to exist

Tan, black and red swirling patterns bound with fire upon a frame for the tiny fingers of a child. Or did once the sand in rusted vessel hold sweet aromas bound for a feminine client seeking to allure a husbands nose? Found in fields turned for decades by plows behind horse and man. Unearthed where […]

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The builders search

Fires crackled and burned, stones cracked in the intense heat as plaster explodes from overheated walls. Timbers once the structures primary unifying agent betray it room by room. Ceilings collapse onto overweighted upper floors as each dominoes till walls fall stripped of support by a growing fire storm falling in pieces upon the embers. Others […]

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Discovery’s paths

Sharing words with new friends on topics older than than either of passing people’s and foundation once laid. Hearing my words from another’s lips on diggers philosophical take on pieces pulled from long backfilled sites rewards beliefs long held. Religious folders carrying fragmented meanings when men no longer recall its use. Failing to see what […]

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Simple steps in humanity’s struggle for understanding begin with histories lessons. Forgotten or dismissed a repeat of failures is assured when our past no matter how recent fails to teach us about tomorrow. Each life trek begins with a willing walk into the unknown. Perpetration grown from others frustrations often prevents many of our own. […]

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There I said it

Not enough chances for those simple phrases so haplessly used. Encouraging amorous encounters in pubescent form or lounge longings in nocturnal passings, never enough chances. Uttered when hurts need help. Callously tossed into conversation to meaningless bourdon another. Yet hear, tight chested struggling to escape those thoughts of another gripping this soul. Tormented in the […]

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