With his finger, words traced in the soil, seeds of understanding, here etched… Hearing a call of men bent on his destruction, bending, writing again.. In sin was she found, the law, her death, calls those the pair surrounds.. Up from his words, confronting with but a look… Strike you this first blow, only the […]

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Mornings chorus calls us from slumber… Each note a praise on the resurrection of hope… Filtering between twilights passing storms fingers of light reclaim day from night… Three are the days that passed our fears and tears do not last… Cloaked in loves warming embrace, loss from each heart he does chase… A fathers pain, […]

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Trembling foundations, sliding between stable places an angry earth shrugs… Time before time pained in rebirth slipping plates, glowing dirt shows… Fuming hills shaking still under faltering heels as man for reasons reals… Colliding seas gathering steam as valleys reclaim mountains with streams… Eons of respite shattered this night with folding, bending asserting planets might… […]

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Can your wounds grow greater than the ability for Gods healing? Will this pain in you heart out live His love? Does the hurts memory linger longer than Gods patience? Is the sorrow overwhelming you greater than the faith holding you? Why are your tear reddened eyes unable to see what his day hold? His […]

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Your loss

Eyes narrow as if focusing on distant memories as tears slip between reddening lids… Smiles descend into quivering frowns as sobs escape pouting lips… Wracked by heart crushing loss the body doubles in pain… Emptiness fills your hearts space as you seek any trace of them… Troubling thoughts your mind erase, your loss is heavens […]

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Arrogant intellect

Sifting through this wanting life, finding what lies beneath… Soulless faces, coal black hearts with eyes focused where hate starts… Watching as hope from young lives leaks onto granite paths of greed.. Loves death is celebrated here indeed, with each curse a smile fades… Child like wonder masked in hurts charades, as faithless eyes reveal […]

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Between walls of isolated noise a clap denies breaths last gasp being heard. Watching without knowing a descending form lifeless growing. Cold come the stairs of those there as in a moment of madness a life ends in others despair. For one, pain here no linger remains. But this decision like hail on countless others […]

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Normal life

Isolated, trembling thoughts of failure unattempted… Fractured, freedom for memories unabated…. Tempered moments of time frozen in an ageless mind… Bounding between realities fleetingly frail incidents of lucidity… Tainted with temptations recurring crimson trails across a hurting soul… Here, between dawns hope and night we cope… With our wills wants and yesterday’s loss… Here, between […]

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Rending flesh

Through this night unending.. Rending the flesh of dreams unceasing… Into the waking hour hounded.. By this crimson sons torments unbound… Calling on precious names… Till at last peace, in the night came.. Still tormented this mind lays without rest.. By a simple dream bested… Culling reasons from a harvest sown in fear.. Daylights sirens […]

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We gather for words of hope In losses hour. Telling each other as from death we cower. Life for the living the dead their place found. But we cannot stop fretting for which direction they are bound. But one whom you know, there is no threat where they will go. For in their faith and […]

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