A lifetime

We in a moment see a lifetime of suffering. In images cast in crimson reflecting loss in empty eyes. Staring beyond now, hungering or hope we see only pain born in selfish desires. Rapidly flipping between shell shocked villages and pocked and peeling facades of high rise home each vision repeated unceasingly for ever confused […]

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Aurora night

It is there, in each face… Seen in the walk, stumbling, forced undirected… It is there, in each forced smile… Heard in the silence between breaths.. It is there, on each tear stained cheek… Hands constantly wiping away the crimson stains… It is there, on each life grown cold… Cast off clothing, on seats in […]

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In a name” Her words, her own, known only to hearts willingly shared… In a name people given, for those who Speak unlike others… A tongue few share, in a land laid bare in dawns first light… She as they known for their fight, tenaciously faithful devotion to each other… Birthed on new soil, ever […]

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Peaces faith

Uplifting fingers stretched to receive an offering, now clenched unrewarded return dejected a fist… Outstretched arms spreading wide peaces offering, unacknowledged flexing now angers rejections… Receiving hope, turning away hate, begins in accepting peaces gift of faith…WAM

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When we report on our friends

Lines flashing blue and bright relaying messages in this night. Carrying images angry and disturbing…hurting lives and lies in suburbia. These hands gathering more, till tonight news begins to roar. A name, familiar, a friend out place, crosses between the lines, sharing i his unimagined disgrace… your face, I race to find, I know you […]

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Chaco memories

There along these ancient paths memories linger… Who before their passed leaving hurts, worries and anger… Between stones still standing, caught between those cast off… Something of hope in a past still now sought… Gleaning wordless messages beneath layers of time… Here in this crayon at Chaco gather diggers searching for reason the find… Passion, […]

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