Denying Christ

Hearing your hearts denial, a souls tears begin… Failure of a faith leader casts doubts steps within a souls decline… Not one event but a lifetime of loss begins mistrust… Untouched your faith, unfed peace fails to root and grow… Not knowing a love greater than self, you refuse to see his face.. In the […]

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In the still

In the still In the still that is this night I am found… Heart beating with fear, dreading this hopelessness in which I drown.. In the still that is this darkness I hear a sound.. Notes from a chorus growing ever so loud… In the still that is this darkness I see a star ever […]

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Empty fields

Empty are the fields of home. Once filled with faces caring for their own.., Gone from rocky furrows, treading along paths alone… In the night, seeking great light… Between ancient walls along dusty halls… Gathering friends, strangers for one.. Under a pitched roof, glowing with heavens pride… Damp straw, bleating sheep, hearts gathered where he […]

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Things I have heard

A chilling wail of an orphans cry, wanting call as widows, husbands seek, things I have heard this night… Roaring crash of metal and glass, cracking stretch of fiery fingers, things I have heard this night… Angry notes reverberating from shattered walls, tones of a people with great loss moaning, things I have heard this […]

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Ayyub Khalaf

Ayyub Khalaf I heard of your valor, those that you saved.. Arms outstretched, willingly embracing hate as it came… Did you know those who came, for them all you gave… Between righteous, pious and afraid, you staid… Hugging evils vested demon who came, secured in your arms it stayed… For you many have prayed, I […]

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Jury duty

JuryDuty Needed Alone in a room full of people, eyes scanning for familiar faces, residing oneself to the challenge of finding new friends. Jury duty begins with a growing mass of humanity filtering into semi-comfortable seats turning off phones and things that bleat. Memories returning one to a primary time when peers chose teams, “will […]

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Slumbering mistress

Sleep avoids me when most I need her warm embrace… toward dawn I race with few glimpses of her alluring form… Awash and plans and desires simple sleep denied… Till early calls the morning song, I lay hear counting words to slumbers chorus… The note, not tedious refrain from forming a slumber inducing bar… Still, […]

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