Tantalizing thoughts rapidly racing though strands of this over active mind. Resting between beats each thought steeped in wants desired needs. Unheeded. Tempting touch bracing thrust fortunes crushed, breaths entwined in heated more. Crashing wills bend evening chills too heavens each gather. Tempting touch, passing glance now mental treasure. WAM

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In color

Slumber’s racing thoughts bridged between reality and wants gathering passing, cascading unstopped each vision a heart touched. Touching rough and polished alike ambers, blues each hue a delight, bitten by bitter winds cold in might sight. Tender touch of memory long past new face and place amorous liaisons dispatched. Graceful form, dimpled chin, gathering storms […]

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Fear, a terrorists greatest tool. Born of hate in hurts ever heated kitchen it’s copper stenched rolling red broth overflows from scorched caldrons on discarded craniums. Within a world laced with liberty living minds are many unwitting pawns in evils ever present war of wills. Tempting plotters scour rich fields of poverties furrows harvesting soulless […]

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Ending positive

Whirling words wound with weary wounding wants. End of days life’s still haunt. Gathering soulless minions of fate each hope castigate. Simple minds willing lead cry fearfully in contrived dream. Doomsayers gather their failed prophecies shattered on each other lives now in tatters. What date, listed leaders sated with breeds taste now calls a time […]

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“Remember, even friends fight. Four major wars with the British, two wit, two against. The French under royal rule, stood beside us to win independence… Then with us through two world wars, then all but asked us to remove our war dead in the 60’s as they spoke sweetly to socialist nations. Each our sins […]

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Here are found freedoms letters born of discussion, fired in wars furnace now shared willingly to further understanding. Anger when harnessed becomes democracies tool of souls liberation. See not revolutions needed anarchy as an end, rather the crucible where republics bond to faithful people to reveal a steely resolve to defend hard won liberties and […]

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