Cloud bergs

Aloft between space and earth Tufting billows like ice bergs of the sky Split between a stratosphere and us here Fermenting a frothy brew Lightening, ice and rain, winds subdued Life wedged between pillows of hope and destruction Wound about gods fingers Beauty bound for sky and earths junctions See between with each flow Bend […]

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Hello, sharing again

Hello Here sharing thoughts again A wanting heart Bound for a night Dreamless Faith filled hopes between us Seeping into desires Fear Then I thank you Seek your will Your peace Again it enters my heart It as there from the start Then I thank you Then Gone is it again Fires forging from within […]

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Hello, talking ears off again

Hello Tempted to talk your ears off Again On a prayer that That will never end Hard come her words Between fears tears Listening to what isn’t said What is I thank you Thank you for putting me here Here for her Time with others filters her anxieties But dulls them not Seeping between realities […]

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Hello, did in say hello

Hello Did I say hello today Spent a lot of time Time talking to you Not with you Gotta learn to listen Found some tears Blocking my vision Blocking my strength A friend wiped them away Just another day Nearer your heart Further from the start Thank you Thanks Busy is this woman with me […]

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Hello, tired heart here

Hello Tired heart here And there Sweeping frustration away Till it blows back over us Carried on silences currents For her a word Offered in prayer Actions simple Cleaning the floors Folding clothes And putting them away Activity staves away her anxiety Words Bound with hope fill her spirit Swirling between hurt and fear Fighting […]

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Hello, waiting for me

Hello Waiting for me today Seems #pinkmantoes needs your ear Forthcoming revelations of surgical needs It’s not fear But a darkness which finds my dreams You know the one It takes my breath Stirs till I’m awake Then tethered to desire Hangs on till the floor greets my feet Still It is for this path […]

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Hello, got a second

Hello Got a second #pinkmantoes moments Committed to her Dedicated to you Challenging others to stand up Stand up for her For you And all women fighting Fighting breast cancer Then silence filters doubt Till your words from my heart seep out Feeding faith Fording fears Raising hopes Then Then I thank you For each […]

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Hello, time again

Hello Time again. It’s me, #pinkmantoes Taking it up a notch Notice anything today? Seems I’m not out of the emotional wake yet. Sweeping waves flash over my love Swelling about my heart. Sinking and saving Words grow as hope fills this heart. Then Then I thank you. Thank you for the challenge Thank you […]

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Hello, #pinkmantoes for Teena

Hello It’s #pinkmantoes for Teena Yep Me again. In with both feet. Holding nothing back. What ever I can do I’ll do For my love And those with breast cancer Cancer, pink it Thank you for this week Thank you for all we seek. Seeking your will Seeking your peace Thank you for this challenge […]

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Hello yes

Hello Yes I’m back. Nothing you wouldn’t do for us. Nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Nothing I can say will chase her pain. Still to you I come. Thanking you I am here tonight for her. Hearing her words with you. Watching her spirits Dip and soar But her words with you Continue with […]

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