Chaco’s near fatal attraction

Preparation: research, water, gear and communication. At elevation 6000 feet above sea level, 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 10AM with a liter of water a broad brimmed hat and loose fitting layered clothes and maps of the area, a flatland Texas began the second Chaco Canyon hike of the day. Having already completed and rested from […]

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Trek ends badly

Each step harder than the last. Feet barely clearing the dust trail as I will my self forward. Not here, not here, must go on I pray as each movement is rewarded with ever crampining muscles. Grit from this trail sifts into my shoes, where once cloth protected my toes. Each skidding step rewards these […]

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A story begins

Fingers, touch tentatively as each passes across a pale bare shoulder up from the arm to her tender slender neck. Rolling his hand till the nail tops press gently to the giving flesh, his arm descends pulling slowly the upturned palm trailing recently prepared nails down across a bare arm till his upturned palm rests […]

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Bare feet

In the night that dreams share I find her there. Long before my now, her delicate bare feet danced across my heart. Sifting through each waking memory, her form not a face I see. Long before the love I now know, her fleeting words departed my soul in tow. Returning unsought for the soul her […]

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Times call

Nothing calls me from this depression but the rattle, stamp of an old clocks battery forced hands counting out darkness routine reign. No voice of reason spreading from broadcast towers in electric closets at this late hour. Not the trembling restless wind battering leaves on trees ready for flight . Simply at this time, time […]

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Whump, Whump,Whump, Schick,Schick, Schick….. Trekking between white lines along cement falls another summer calls…. Daddump,Daddump,Daddump, scrunch, scrunch- schuuuuzz schuuuuzz… Across the makeup bumps, into the gravel trails to vacations end…. Whoooooo, wiiiiissshhhh, crack, swoosh, Spawash, heeee, yeeee, iiieeeee… Arms linked about twisted fibers, swung above passing waters, frigid grasp welcome works past… WAM

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Faith…. Fearless aware intuitive tough hopeful….. Fearful angry introverted tempted hurting…. Forgiven answerable interested talkative handy… Finding anyone’s intrinsic temperament helpfulness… Fathers amazing incessant truths hearing…. What do you find in faith? Do you see the possibilities for success and failure? Are you aware, that by faith are you made free, and for its lack […]

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Greater Europe

Over Europe growing financial discord erupts with roaming youth despondent over bleak job opportunities burn, pillage and dismantle an already crumbling union. Economically united in currency, unequally yoked states over burdened socially protected markets and bustling growth focused dreadnoughts spar for dominance. Unable to build militarily a unified Europe now her own lands rejoined Germany […]

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