These hands

These hands, well worn by these paths I’m on.By any other conveyance leathered souls would be strained. For a lifetime one year, me and my chair roamed here and there. Bound by necessity to wheels as my heart defied gravity. Pained to the touch, bending to an unseen will, I wheeled. Before the doors allowed, […]

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Not sure

Not sure why I find myself awake well before daybreak.Words spilling from my heart in an ever growing plot. Filling rows on pages plowed from the edges. Seeding thoughts for others the night here brought. Sharing my crop of thoughts and needs, letting you here weed. From between the stalks growing what life brought. Feeding […]

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Loves vessel

Creaking, leaking bending to natures will.Shivering in a salty spray, praying night gives way to day. Watch is nearly done, welcoming mornings sun. This life chose me, loving it’s challenges that set me free. Indentured to the land I left, filled with the seas welcome breath. Traceless tracks on wakeless paths, crossing oceans vast. But […]

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For the wants

For the wants of love I long to hear.Words filling my hearts inner ear. Richly filled with desires calling. Tasting tartly sweet on this tongue falling. Straining for ecstasy’s face. Hands upheld surrendering to you chase. Pinched by cuspids lingering dart. Crimson trails to you from my heart. Comfort my need as I build your […]

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So long a father

So long a father without a child.Lips often revealing insecurities. Heart burning to share, suddenly chilled. Awards and accolades empty of one liberty. Chance to with a daughter dance. With another hear of her horse born treks. Then another’s culinary desires taking a chance. Through the tales of their trials through others I check. Blessings […]

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Thirty one trips

Thirty one trips around the sun.Silently you left us on the coldest one. Desiree Lynn Pikyavit, for you prayerfully, we here sit. Hurting, hugging, holding onto each moment, not wanting to forget.. Thirty one trips around the sun. Silently you left us on the coldest one. Sister, daughter, niece, mother and friend, heaven holds you […]

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Done with yesterday.Yes, and today as well. But they are not done with me. Returning as a foul wind stinking up my rest. Tossing between each miss step. Swirling with forgetful words uttered into a whirlwind. They are not yet finished with me, regretfully. Night offers not rest but reconstruction. Frustration lies in wait before […]

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 An empty sinking loss sucking away my desire.Foundering in the midst of success, wollering in misery. Every word slipping from my heart is of loss and degradation. Powerful is the mind unleashed on past indiscretions. Reflecting rather than negotiating today I struggle. Shrugging away unwashed cares of yesterday. Lifting times veil to see what can […]

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Glenn Frey

Lyrics filled my heart on hearing of the loss.Moments of life punctuated by musicians verse. Terse and tender roaming through my memory. Desperate to render these thoughts into words. So absurd as tears record your loss on Crimson cheeks. Meekly I called for your time as if it were mine. Standing in images full of […]

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Tempered in

Tempered in the tossing night sweats and fits.Honed in each caustic nightmare between stone and steel. Rent in the pains of a failing form accepting these as norm. Aging in dawns soul draining light, hungry still I fight. Lost in repleted guidance of well meaning acquaintances. Persuaded in reluctant terms to relinquish these germs. Unfettered […]

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