Red Reddening eyes relay angers festering purge of hope from a wounded heart. Unable to restart what time has finished, hurt wells up within a tormented soul. Should it grow unchecked fear kindles frustrations fledgling fires into enmities pyres. A word, offered in turn, can churn what fails to boil, into a tumultuous sea of […]

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It happened

It happened When it happened, I heard his words from my lips. When asked a politically charged question about communism’s failure… When asked why people cannot work together to make it a success… When asked why his choice for leader lost to an electoral college… When asked why old people won’t give the world to […]

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Super Bowl

Watching a game with one who shares my name… Wondering what happened, what failed, the entire time his team trailed.. Least they could do, is give me the scores I drew… Regardless the end, from this loss they will mend.. Just wish it would have been, the Texans instead of Orange men… Right now, their […]

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