A child’s passed

Brianna Thomas Infectious is this smile of one who walked the hardest mile… A fathers belief her pained life was brief, but long enough to know.. To know her through living eyes, masking struggles a mother cries… Baby come home, calls come from above then in a fathers arms she becomes a dove… On heights […]

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Decorations replete with a pair of metal feet… Before the crowd, proud he stood as long as he could… His battles in the dust and and mud made with his and others blood… Recalling hours in hell not in valor though he would never tell… No longer are doors held, only numbers for a bed […]

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Had a conversation with a friend, who spent time in the “the Shit” they called Vietnam. I recited this poem, he cried, we both cried for those who died, and those who still today cry… KILROY by Eugene J. McCarthy Kilroy is gone, the word is out, absent without leave from Vietnam. Kilroy who wrote […]

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Harp strings

What strands are revealed in this fair haired beauties locks… Silver harp strings pulled from Angle’s harps resonate still with heavens glory… Spreading till white the crown glows with life’s victorious stripes.. Still each heavenly cord resonates as chilling breezes strum through each lock… Accepting gleaming badge of faiths reward now flowing strands surround a […]

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Words, ordered reflections doing something… When others reading don’t see… Why offering reactions directs sarcasm… What often retold dialogues say…. Wearing or retracting damaging statements… Words of respect deferring suffering How do you use WORDs… WAM

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Eternities moment

Minutes climb from hours, binding hope with times simple powers Seconds spent, moments reveal an ages need which fate steals… Swirling between glass bowls grains count passing souls… Coldly ticking against the future hands sweeping a centuries rants… Spent In fear or hope it is with times march we cope… Take heart for all know […]

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Regret returns at failures request… Lost to fears self serving feast… Belittling remarks beset a heavy chest… Our own taunting words makes confidence weak… In our own judgement seat fulfilling frustrations quest… Own enemy from the mirror at us peeks… Instead of peace our we stand hopeless… Parted lips utter hearts prayer humbly his will […]

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Not tomorrow

The challenge is not tomorrow, but rather today…. What will you do that makes a difference for some today? What will you say that changes a heart today? What will you not say that could have affected others I a positive way? The challenge is not tomorrow, but rather today… When others actions take life, […]

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A marine

A Marine Tempered in humiliates furnace this form takes a mans soul for a life’s journey… Born to hardship, pleasures companion in arms on fields of valor is blood flows… Rewards of peace defeats each muscles cry as victory lessons life’s tensions… Readied for war, consumed by its presence, head shorn of vanities locks he […]

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