Not tomorrow

The challenge is not tomorrow, but rather today…. What will you do that makes a difference for some today? What will you say that changes a heart today? What will you not say that could have affected others I a positive way? The challenge is not tomorrow, but rather today… When others actions take life, […]

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A marine

A Marine Tempered in humiliates furnace this form takes a mans soul for a life’s journey… Born to hardship, pleasures companion in arms on fields of valor is blood flows… Rewards of peace defeats each muscles cry as victory lessons life’s tensions… Readied for war, consumed by its presence, head shorn of vanities locks he […]

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Churning taste

Burning churning fills my throat and nostrils Asa acid fills my mouth… Breaching my aging firm I purge this angry brew out… Deep in a hard fought slumber jarred from fruitful dreams only to be ripped at the seams… What madness is this human form that it turns on its own norms… Rushing before I […]

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Fought for you

Once I fought for you. Not in a dream though it once seemed. Once I fought for you. Hands, fists and pain, each for you too gain. Once I fought for you.. Tender eyes, purple and swollen, finger unwilling to bend though not broken. Once I fought for you.. Hands to my face, knife to […]

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Anxieties cue

Anxieties cue Swarming into a heart fear cascades into anxieties… Tempting fates thorn riddled gates refusing hopes gift… Unwillingly a drift in a persecuting sea of discontent… Born on failures not our due, but still here in frustrations cue… Floundering, sails tattered and path untrue till at last we met you… Eyes focused on unseen […]

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Fantom Watching unseen as your steps caress the garden path. Each footfall hushed by gingerly taken steps. Tender cracklings castaway blades, wither under heals descent. Formed in darkness shadows, grey clad arms seek hidden treasures. Within clouds time passes as the morning mists at your passing. Hands filled with need seeking what could not be […]

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