News pride

If loss has a universal image, it is the fatherless daughter crying into her weeping mothers shoulder. The forlorn look of a man bereft of is life long friend staggering through a memorial procession.
If success carries a similar image, it is in a Dias filled with opponents congratulating a former leader before throngs of well wishers and protestors.
Thursdays efforts, teams in and outside this newsroom give Success another image.
These images captured by prized photojournalist, wound around reporters well honed words intricately woven by producers into a dreamwork of broadcasting excellence.
Gifted talent gracing an anchor desk bridging the pauses between events corralling emotions while offering understanding. Support from Newsdesk, production and engineering in the chorus of coordination keeping it live and real for a viewing public so often invisible on air, their image of success all the more evident in exhausted looks at days end.
It is with pride I share with others how great this team at CBS 11 DFW performs when unleashed on any given topic.

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