Oiling the fix

In a wordless glance, without the stroke of a pen, it began.
Vestiges of chaos fracturing time, carry action with no reason or rhyme.
Building on ageless strife, demeaning hope with conferences deep in the night.
Speculation, builds on woes, carries prices skyward defeating old foes.
With out a word, shared gain, liars gold reigns, buying from many profiting few.
Floored between monitors bid, each pushing Enriched fluids in sin.
Collaborative dalliance between spider and fly, leave a driving world asking why.
Favored political friends of foes in sand filled lands, speculation futures gains drilled by man.
Pumping poor pockets, feeding grafts claims, fueling economies failures, on others blamed.
Oiling the bidding, gassing those at the pump, one hand in our pockets, forcing prices to sky rocket.
There they stand, prizes handed behind their backs, decisions shared, knocking us off track.
Each trader casting, votes for higher prices, taking upfront profits, with rewards earned in alleys often.
How will it stop, who can but prove, the fix made by all, for all the wealth to remove…


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