Hello smiling as she laughs

Smiling as she laughs I’ve returned
Back to share
To seek
To praise
Longing for more
More days like this
Home she’s found
Calling out humors
What a gracious sound
She astounds
Pains not masked
Today’s its out laughed
I thank you
More times I ask
Seeking more
Seeing her smile
Seeking a repetitious nature
Eyes smile with tales
Shimmering with each story
Hope in all it’s glory
Knowing futures goals
Mean deadening nauseous rolls
Willing to accept
She takes the next step
Calls for cancers battle
Never her faith rattles
I thank you
For a strength gained
Gained in prayer
I know
Watching others marvel
Yes marvel and stare
She knows my prayers
And those who care
Almost as if
If she like you
Hears each one
I thank you
Kneeling in humble spirit
Dripping prayer perspiration
Seeking you inspiration
For this love
My best friend
Fighting cancer
Here in her
Her heart strong
Beats your glorious cadence
Ringing out life’s base
Trembling from victories treble
Nothing terrible
Nothing will
Ever take your love away
From her
Or me
I thank you
Oh and amen

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