A lot of me I got from you

Words, lengthy and strong, elegant and breathy, right or wrong,

which should I use, to eulogize you!

Tempted, and restrained, 

rewarding you remained, here are a few.

Around each syllable bound by your living, 

troubled and pained, giving and forgiving.

How in a few selected verses, 

I can share your ageless hopes, and curses.

Inquisitive and perplexing, 

often leaving others guessing, 

decades compressed into hours.

We here gather, smiling through tears, 

recalling the years, for you it won’t matter.

Pains prayer, words of despair, 

reaching for hands, that are not quite there. 

Praise uttered from tired lips, 

memories, in the finale moments slip.

Untroubled by fear, unfettered by time, 

heavenly perched, you wait out this rhyme.

Sitting here, we who are gathered, 

listen for your words, from each’s lips, 

of what mattered.

In words are your victories sung, 

the children you birthed, the trials you unearthed.

Blessed by grand and greats, your progeny, 

for your memories sake, kneeling at your healing.

In hours, days and years to come, your counsel, 

the wisdom of one, 

lives on through daughter and son.

Chastising us for mourning,

your paring smile a warning.

Worry not for the dead, 

for your love is not in an earthly bed,

Words you once shared with me, 

and now in love their truth I see.

Simmering in our loss we are thus consoled, 

you will never again grow old.

Younger now than when you begun, 

run, with Jesus, have some fun.

Here we remain, growing to understand this pain,

As you smile from your new home again, 

Tears of joy washing hurt like heavenly rains.

More of you I’d like to tell, 

but my heart is heavy as these words fell.

Think not less of my endeavor, 

For as I write, memories flood my soul like a river.

One day, not too soon, your words shared will bloom.

And pages will fill with hopes, and trials, 

of a mothers loss and a child’s sad smile.

Till them let’s leave them guessing, 

for I know, you were simple me testing.

I love you grand mother, I do, 

and now, you know it’s true.

A lot of me, I got from you.

Until again we meet on Golden streets, 

Your words on these pages I’ll keep.

Loves is true, love is not demanding, love is kind,

I will always share your love ,with this rhyme.



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