Still a beacon to the world

Last year. Last year, with friends I traveled to Africa. There I met a people so filled with hope and faith I was jealous. Then they began to ask me about America. About a land filled with opportunity. A place where a man or woman could overcome his or her failings and become something more than they began. They still see us as a light on a far away hill, a place of hope! 

No matter how dark our night becomes. Many in the world still look on us for hope and the future. 

We talked about racism, hate, and the evil that fills this world. And each time they reminded me- that in their land- despair so deep that their nation struggles to rise above its grasp. Then we prayed. Something we did often, prayed. 

Then they asked me more about America- the good and the bad. and Each as I left, asked that I pray, for their chance to come to America. I always will. On this MLK day- this day to remember a great man who’s heart is still in the struggle of all people to live as brothers- A man who’s Christian faith brought people together and still brings people together! 

It is our own foolish arrogance and Pride that keeps us from stepping into the light with Christ as our Guide. To keep the Glow of Hope alive- and spark it’s flame in countries around this globe- where others, share the same dream- The Same Dream MLK Jr spoke of on the Washing Mall – 

Jesus I thank you for this chance- and I pray for my African family- My Latin American family, my Asian Family and the Peace you bring to all who ask. May God Bless each of you this week and the remainder of your lives.

Go in Peace- and keep the lights burning for a world struggling in evils’ night. 



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