Old friend

Old friend, in my age I’ve returned your way.May I with you sit for a while as we wait the end of day?

Much is there to share of our era that’s soon to end.

It was a miracle today that I find you sitting here my friend.

For sure some time ago I thought I’d lost you to times night.

Not having heard your words or sung to your music, what a sight.

You cannot go before we are through, this I know is true.

Mind if I share my life with you as we wait here too?

I know it’s been on my mind, I’ve been not so good a friend, I cannot lie.

Trying to recall, why we first stopped talking and all.

Do you now recall, what lead to our downfall.

Disregard that request, today grows late, let’s remember the best.

You say still so little when we talk, do you mind if I walk as we talk.

Afraid, sitting here, Father Time will snatch my last breath, such a cold death.

So happy that this time finds us here, to share what we came for.

For hours I could share with you of the days past, can we make this last.

As I walk around you, freely share your thoughts of the life I’ve missed too.

Night come quickly, friend this is a glorious day indeed.

Nothing I thought I could have enjoyed today as much as visiting with you here.

If God allows, I’ll see you again soon, I love to walk and talk.

For the future, allow my to say farewell, I hear her calling, 

Good by friend, see you in time, see you in time.

Time is calling, wish more of her hours we could share.

W.A.Manning ©2017

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