Pedestaled elite

Tempting words repeated aloud rebound from growing crowds.
Casual discourse in charged arenas, responsive discord bent on callus meanings.
Crumbling minds burning in defeat, grasping, claiming childhood so sweet.
Innocent, angry, hurting a crowd, rapidly dispatching hate in leads shroud.
Cast about on turbulent time, words that lead issued for those who’d bleed.
Minds bent on chemicals and chains, carrying disease, spreading a shame.
Within us each, secrets we keep, churning, burning fostering deceit.
Who can judge another’s impairment, where calls from pedestaled elite, hold similar hurts and deceit.
Into this fray, a trusted one did come, his melodious words on pain did say, from each we will take, till in us they trust.
Confusing to most, astounding many, he rose from obscurity, now ruling this marbled city.
Halls of honor drained of glory, bound by murky words, laws flushed here in a hurry.
Arguments valid, reason denied, hearts dark with deceit grabbing each freedom from the weak.
Only the few, see what is true,standing on principal fighting for you.
Can you not wonder, feeling quite ashamed, surrendering each liberty to me seems quite strange.
Stand this ground, call for others, hope builds as do our numbers.
Like a great stature from marble hewn, each chip forms another no democracy’s immune.
Change from within, greater the challenge, than all a worlds armies at our gates holding rallies.
Stand for your rights, stand for each other, don’t give in to big brother…

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