Taking without ceasing

Unaware where we, as the events unfolded.
Watching with excitement and trepidation as history marched through liberties streets.
Began, it did, with hates anger wringing live from kids. Seeping into theaters with violent fantasies to reveal on unsuspecting patrons.
Cries before, fell often deafly, upon changes managers placed in state and federal buildings. Ivory perches preventing simple understanding of a fuming mass under their feet. Neat, is it not, that those who voted, what the wanted finally got.
This trusted advisor, be knighted orator of he people, repeated well the words they want him to tell.
Now, in tribulations wake, these masses mistake words for actions they sanction with a pen stroke.
As lone angry young men find celebrity in the deaths of innocence, leaders fail discourses intent as they on legislation are he’ll bent.
Unaware are we, that until all grovel at their feet, in their minds we’ll not be free.
Simple calls for action, reverberate between reason and rage. In this age of instant gratification, elation only needs release.
Crimson stains still quite fresh in the hearts eyes, beer he unblinking eye, unguided by intelligence, his words wring out a nations hurting conscience.
Opposites stand ready for a disarming duel. But before its begun, its over.
Simple actions on pen and paper, as misdirected, failure bound legislation activist confound.
Gathering names taking numbers, faithfully given, bureaucratic tapes splice and slice with Denise and deceit. None keeps what you’ve offered, none knows what, where you have the defense, rest now and relax.
Days passing as hours, first one then others come, making us cower.
Pen rocked ink upon empty pages releases freedoms links.
Executive stands for a grand plan. Knowing the bill cannot stand for muster, a constitutional fight for his own delight, is brewing.
Misdirection it seems pulls no punches as words fly from he seems. All he while small rules are adjusted, till laws gently form. What once was home legal now requires a form.
Few saw it surging between the political tides. Those can stand, while others only here cry.
Passions and passwords gather before the storm, not since its birth has evolution turned revolution grown the norm.
Night falls on cities, into homes they creep. Taking what we willingly give.
This is not needed, I’ll rely on another. Then as before they take what was my brothers.
Here alone we are standing as left stepping they pass, kicking up booted heels in a victory stride. Now come the day where democracy cried.
Huddled we are like the masses of old, teaming along shores crying in he cold.
What we have sought, and paid them to do, has come to fruition, and we’re still paying he dues.
Listen as those few who did keep, struggle with tyranny in he land where Washington does sleep.
Where he to hear what’s happened this year, he’d cry out for freedoms militia and all…
All to his side will appear in a flash, those few who fight, and take on he lash.
Each word you’re willing to release, proves that another will follow and their taking will never cease.

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