My staff

Warmed in the chill night air by what I’ve found here.Nothing by chance happens, so why did I walk upon this place.

Streets stilled, Windows glowing, in this city your presence is growing.

Surrounded by strangers, seeking answers from a child.

Understanding this peace that us now surrounds.

Lips pursed in prayer slowly begin a song.

Blessings and hopes for this world and the son of God.

Cold returns first to my feet, standing here on the ancient street.

Closer I step, till beside him I bend, offering my staff to the leader of men.

Tears fill my eyes, knowing why he came.

Still he’s here and he loves us just the same.

What victory comes with death that is not celebrated in birth.

Still in these stones I stand in awe of this child king.

In a manger, filled with fresh straw.

What can I offer you, you already have it all.

Simple needs from he who leads, 

Allow me to share why you are here.

Tonight it began, not just a woman and a man.

Faith’s reward, for these the work is not hard.

In prayer peace comes here.



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