Yes, when asked if I see your struggles, yes.Tempted to slip my hand into yours, yes.

Yes, as you cross new hurdles I struggle.

Great grows this hearts anguish, yes.

Yes, I want only to share with you.

Opening your life to mine to see, yes.

Yes, yesterday was hard, but tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings its own rewarding chaos, yes.

Yes, you will not see me, but I am there.

With every prayer, every hurt, each blessing, yes.

Yes, you need not look up, for all around you I am.

Accept this peace I offer for your love, yes.

Yes, you have only to say one word.

Open your heart, here we start, yes.

Yes, there is nothing more you need.

Your struggles plant the seeds, yes.

Yes, this to you, Grace is granted.

All you need say, is rewarded with this, yes.


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