My lips

My lips caress your ear whispering.Wishing aloud, nibbling my way along your neck and down. Back up with a smile to your sparkling eyes, gently placing on the lids a kiss. Your arms envelop my love pressing my heart into yours. Beating a unified chorus as our lips steal any words left before us. Fingers […]

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I cried

I cried.When first of your pain I heard, tears fell from these red raw eyes. Not for regrets, but your needs that life seemed to leave unmet. Wept for hours as my memories well worn track repeated our last moments. Still, you’d pressed on, fearless at the approaching battle. I cried. Not knowing how or […]

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Trepidation slips between reason and understanding.Witnessing vile treatment of the innocent, trembling I rise. Accepting another is willing to withdraw life from our joy. Shuddering with each revelation, into prayer I retreat. Seeking peace in a war not of our making, readied for the fight. Pillaging emotions ripple through our tranquility. Of God’s mercies where […]

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First words

The first words form across the page. Sage advice on a winding trail, coming of age. Listening to his heart, worn apart by trials old and true. Knowing wisdom falls from life rending experiences. Still, little fills this page, regardless advice of a life sage. What letters will form these words of understanding? Why will […]

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Unnerved in the winds of angers flailing black banners.Cresting homes hills, Visigoths raining hell on Rome, no, here, and not alone. Promises made, from within we would degrade, now seemingly kept. Yesterday’s enemies defeated with unities armies. Tomorrows, already here, from Paris to San Bernardino, closer we see. Each war in small battles won, this […]

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Opinionated responses, colored in ageless convictions.Rambling witless voices, caustically calling out choices. Deafened mutes gurgling rebukes, each ethically refuted. Society crying why me, refusing others our sacred tree. Leaning on ancient misconceptions, regardless realities perceptions. Sheathing rhetoric revealing heartless desires in which each is mired. Tired of truthless discussions as a nation heedlessly toward disaster […]

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Evils funeral

Watching and wondering at these events I’m seeing. Frustrated and anxious as unmitigated angers confronts us. Misdirected ill gotten anger fostered in temples of doom. Hearts a flame with faith, unfulfilled desires, puppets in a game. Haunting images of depravity and lives maimed. Reluctantly, begrudgingly with each we must deal the same. Since time eternal, […]

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