My lips

My lips caress your ear whispering.Wishing aloud, nibbling my way along your neck and down.

Back up with a smile to your sparkling eyes, gently placing on the lids a kiss.

Your arms envelop my love pressing my heart into yours.

Beating a unified chorus as our lips steal any words left before us.

Fingers trail along the cleft of your back bringing shivers of excitement.

These hungry lips dance across your pert little nose tip.

Across one then the other eye brow, coming to rest again on your lips.

Warm, inviting, grasping, nibbling till a concert of moves leaves us breathless.

Lips meshing and tasting, pulling from the other loves last quarter.

In your embrace, my heart, your love racing to chase in the waining light.

As night fills lights voids we share thoughts of the finishing day.

Pulling you tighter into me, your breath chases away my cares with peace.

At last, relinquishing a days conquest for a moment with you.

My lips caress your ear whispering.



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