I cried

I cried.When first of your pain I heard, tears fell from these red raw eyes.

Not for regrets, but your needs that life seemed to leave unmet.

Wept for hours as my memories well worn track repeated our last moments.

Still, you’d pressed on, fearless at the approaching battle.

I cried.

Not knowing how or why, seeking to help, only hindering.

Asking to ride this train if pity only to realize I road alone.

Greater still your inner strength grows as mine slips and me, slows.

Tears burn stripes across grimacing cheeks as your flesh burns and heart churns.

I cried.

A little each day seemed to leave you, but the course you stayed.

Words filling this mouth failed to coalesce into prayers, just blind stares.

Struggling against wildfires incessant burning, you accepted it’s change.

Repeatedly carved from your flesh, till nerves fail and heart seeks rest.

I cried.

Another face from beneath a regrown crown eagerly peers at me.

Each day’s struggles from your eyes claimed hopes glow.

Days Turing to weeks as you pass your first free year.

Under fears banner, ever present, it’s returning threat, you stand.

I cried.

With each new battle, as with you, some part of me died.

Rounding the last hills of this mountainous struggle you stride.

High on life’s success and prayers continued excess.

Sharing Jesus glory, and your wonderful story.

I cried.



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