I’ll never know

Watching images of these I’ll never know.Sorrow for families losses that seems only to grow.

End of days approaching fast hold these you love till the last.

A husband, father and son, speaking to his love as terror she tries to out run.

Wife of decades recalls her fear as a tornado glam her husband so dear.

This sister, wife daughter friend, handled others fears, swirling tears her story cannot end.

From the joys of a season of giving, on a freeway angry winds from eight life’s breath rending.

Watching now their names I gathered, for my friends to share instead of deaths rattling.

Remember these who’s hours ended on the streets, no storm can quell these lives we retell.

A single eye into each life we pry, images shared, by these who cared.

Turn not away on this day of pain, regardless how the destruction’s rained.

Come to know these we’ve found, and revere with us, people now walking hallowed ground.

From man made streets to those of gold, reveal to us stories that never grow old.

Here between red and blue lights, as volunteers clear debris from our life’s.

Just before you turn of the set, remember these, who in a moment now know Gods rest.

You are missed by more than before, as we close out the storms final roar.

Weep a while, then smile as you hear and see, then pray with me for each a while.

Watching images of these I’ll never know.


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