Hello pensively posing questions

Pensively posing questions I return
Each day new pains
Each day new success
Each day I can only pray
Others are seeing
Seeing their own loves
Loves walking through
This briar laden valley
Unable to ascend the summit
Giving up
For many is easier
Easier than pressing on
So I ask
Would it have been better
For someone
Like me
Not always the best example
Angry at you
For my own failings
Then I sit back
Holding her and think
Thank you
I thank you for this faith
Faith challenge
She is up too it
I pray I am as well
I thank you
For your faith in us
Your hope
Your peace
I ask
You lesson her pain
Those like her
Lesson their pains
And please stop others
Others who volunteer
My relative had that
Fought five years
Good luck
Makes her laugh
Tends to make me angry
Then again
I thank you
For all who pray
And say
God is with you
I know he’s healing you
I thank you
Oh and amen



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