Watching your expression

Watching your expression as you learned this fate. Crestfallen as a diagnosis detailed a surgical date. At me you looked eyes misty and red. Great are these hearts filled with cancerous dread. Still a flame of faith in each eye. Gives hope a fighting stance as each cure we try. Each healing pain with longing […]

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Sitting by your side

Sitting by your side Wondering how you’re dealing, burning inside Without whimpering Infused with wildfires searing touch Seeking eye contact Living pools of fire flash from parted lids Simmering thoughts Words encouraging others on each breath Uncomfortably reclined Wildfires lines entwined with living veins Smile leaps from your lips Shared with others entangled in wildfires […]

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Hello, her smile returns me

Hello Her smile returns me to you Laughing through #wildfires infusion Tired though not grumbling Granite is my love Dealing with each challenge Etched as a monument to faith I thank you Eyes reflect her hope Even as she struggles to cope Liberty with each drop Wildfire leads her fight Chemo stains the burns Each […]

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Each word I’ve traced

Each word I’ve traced Followed with desires to finish this race Simple life challenged Forgetting the path laid out before me Each words glory I’ve faced Failing now to understand your grace Others cross my path Sounding as leaders my faith they dash Walking once as I did With your love in this heart now […]

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Wedged between pains pillars

Wedged between pains pillars a struggle ensues. Continue with this ongoing battle. Refrain and accept one finale hurt. Faith rewards our struggle. Fear fulfills the other. Pain is lessoned with care and hope. Fear remains for others now in pain. Wedged between hope and fear a struggle ensues. Which will you choose? We win, we […]

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