Selfishly I cry, for a night free of pain for her.
A morning where she sees her chest full and not gashed.
Where hopeful eyes peer from beneath flowing locks.
Not a bald princess seeking the hating to stop.
Yes selfishly I seek a night of sleep with out worry.
Waiting for her torment to end will it just hurry.
Weakly I stay behind as she sweats out another treatment.
This wildfire filling, killing her body and will.
Waiting for radiations Proton killing spray.
Then, some day, she’ll sport recreated chest.
Hair, will again fill her lofty crown and her lovely face surround.
Selfishly, I want it now. I’m tired and from this act I’d Ike to take my bow.
But, for her,I remain…faithful strong, crying just tell same.
This heart bursting with pride for her strength.
Whimpering in thus darkness am I seeking Gods face.
Judge me not for my failures, but for this great woman I love.
She was sent me from above and of he love I’m not worthy.
But struggling and selfish I will continue.
One night, one day, one week…could it be..
Cancer free and this selfish heart gets its rest.
Thank you for listening…

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