Bound in words

Bound in words a mortal heart is forged.
Between thoughts and deeds begotten self often forgotten.
Dreams realized fears begun life with words willingly sung.
Deeply furrowed memories grow of times we wanted but seldom know.
So often started so seldom ended a tale of love and liberties vanity cannot show.
Twilight renders hopes into events shared in solicitous rants and vents.
A Simple life begets few heroes for souls in need of anxious validation.
Remorse, regret and tribulation beset a mind who’s words seek not redemption.
Shared of a life never set, of deeds not done and never to regret.
Of lives lost and wounds shared of hopes, loves and challenges one never dared.
Bound in words shared with a friend events of false youth soon spread.
New life they give and soon take as words this world remake.
Others find deeds of valor, some see angry childhood banter each word a tailor.
Crafted sons of daughters won families lost faiths tapestry is spun.
Still between imagined events reality pitched its tent.
Words since released give meaning for a souls intent.
Taken from a wanting heart words soon their own life start.
Garish battles bloody tales in brazen lust for victories trust.
Unable the tide of growing tales to stem soon reality fails for mortal men.
What darkness holds the truth who will seek its dangerous root?
Trampled now between these trials reasons for tails of a life lived in its spell.
From childlike lips breathing the first claims on charges dreams remade.
Taking life and saving a grand dame ageless haunts obscurity bought.
Brought by unfiltered words of wants and wills each quite absurd.
Tendering treaties for those quite oppressed gallant in refined wordy mess.
Racing to safe life from wars very breast mortals weave a broken nest.
I’ll gotten gains on drug riddled shore beaten by fate trampled at the door.
Counting coo and settling the scores challenged and dueled words no chore.
Each one for a reason grows words out of season leaving untended rows.
Unable to live what pages contain briars and brambles for tongues remain.
Letters arranged on ethereal matters till pen shares what most matters.
Not so grand this life for man a family he built of immortal could not tend.
Mothers greet children with words most unimaginably great, unable his passion to sate.
Trapped within this self made morass unwilling to give before his last gasp.
Mortal deeds sheltered by a lie only leave behind memories as his body dies.
Others foster his trembling stand before righteous and dignified men.
Women pander for a glimpse of the mortal who stood along angers fence.
Drawing slings and arrows he’d raced with but words to defeat evils of late.
Wanting more out of letters and phrases his own on stone another raises.
Lying here in quite repose a person deemed a man for words he could compose.
Dared he shared with a world uncaring still he wrote each and evert note.
Unwinding between dawns light and evenings fire prose to hold your soul unmired.
Others of his faith once wrote that with words of hope with anything he could cope.
Stand now and not his life admire for your own grows before his pyre.
Words you share with others sooth knowing hope their faith in truth.
Between the tales of dreams are found words of life for mortals bound.
This heart in words is bound.



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