Each motion

Each motion sweeping around weaving a delicate crown.
Bound flesh in colorful forms where flowing locks were once found.
Scattered by wildfires reasons, memories begin this forgetful season.
Still she smiles, laughs then cries as her femininity seems to die.
Struggling with her faithful might with treatments changing her sight.
Sudden fits of herniating heaving ends her stand and leaves her kneeling.
How long, how many more till on this troubling cure she closes the door.
Wanting for her pains release her hope returned faith released.
Simple prayers in her place could I stand to give her rest but for gods plan.
Again she stands weaving hope with trembling hands.
Binding loss with faiths eternal strands, earthly scarves and flowing ends.
My love defeats cancers cursed plans one breath, one prayer her body mends.
My love, my life, my friend are you ready for wildfire to end.
My prayers for you forever I’ll send.



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