Hello, road weary I return

Road weary I return to your place
Humbly kneeling seeking your grace
Absent are the hours of joy
When laughter filled her
Like a child with a new toy
Hacking heaving
Groaning in pain
Never far from restrooms
It is plain
Wildfire racks her form
Leaving her not smiling
Crying only as a norm
Depression fills her waking hours
Slumbers dreams take
Hold with nightmares powers
Still se returns
Ready for another
Wildfire infusion
Beating cancer her monicker
I thank you
Tired as I am
I cannot compare
With her drained form
There in our bed.
Love finds seasons
For success
I thank you
For allowing us this
I thank you
For her strength so true
It grows from her faith
In you
I thank you
Oh and amen






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