Hello, humbled and nursing

HelloHumbled and nursing my pride, I return to you.

Smiling as I recall, words that on did fall.

This is not about me, but her and you will see.

The glory manifested in her struggle and her healing, I have to you, trust.

I thank you.

As I stand before strangers and friends.

Telling of your love that never ends.

Of the hope in a prayer, from these in faith, I can through evil stare.

Returning to these calloused knees beneath my heart, victory her starts.

I thank you.

Soon these days will end.

We in your presence will stand.

For now, witnesses to your love.

We sing of Christ here, and heaven above.

I thank you.

What questions can I ask that where not by Job, long past.

How can I foresee, your plan for her and me, don’t, please, I ask in bended knee.

Here where we stand, talking with you is sacred land.

Brushing from our well worms flesh, the dust of earth, taking from us Sins test.

I thank you.

Grant me if you will.

The time to enjoy these here with me still.

Take from us the pain and fear.

Grant us time to for you cheer.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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