Hello, rewarded

HelloRewarded with the understanding that this journey will end at heavens gates, I return to you.

Tonight I realized that these conversations will never end.

And, I’m glad. As each one reveals more and more the heart of my God.

I thank you.

Once when darkness prevented my eyes from seeing your glory, I cried.

I cried into the never ending night of our plight.

Then, I found another hurting more than myself.

We, sought your will for each other.

I thank you.

But, as these days wind to a healing end.

As my love regains her strength within.

With each passing mark of recovery.

I know this method of discussion will evolve to a place only you can foresee.

I thank you.

As I’ve learned that our prayers should by a discussion.

Not a deal making session.

Your ways though mysterious are all joyous.

So for these words to fill this page, it’s like a joint chorus.

I thank you.

I’m bound to find more reasons.

More chances to discuss with you more than changing seasons.

Tribulations will abound.

But I know your love us surrounds.

I thank you.

Where there a chance.

My children could see your heart and mine in this dance.

I know your love will through me show.

Just how strong this bond of love grows.

I thank you.

As my love finds her way.

Through each pain, healing each day.

While she shares her thoughts with you.

I know our live continuously renews.

I thank you.

Tonight this discussion grows short.

Not for want of needs or praise to report.

But slumber calls this mind.

Soon to follow this tired form the blankets will bind.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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