Hello, with my love

HelloWith my love as she regains hard fought liberty, It’s me again.

Watching as gloved fingers remove surgeries lingering reminders.

Listening as she learns more she can do, than not.

Seeing her remove restrictions one step at a time.

I thank you.

Long is the journey through cancers caustic valley.

Crags dotted with caverns of depression.

Perilous paths between trembling friends.

Fear folks many hearts from the start.

I thank you.

Greater are you than he that is in the world.

Not that you allow these things, but your love bears witness through them.

It is not the sin of the sufferer, but that which fills this world.

Evils kitchen brews continuously new diabolical pains for parents and children the same.

I thank you.

In knowing you, I know hope.

In hearing your words, I understand peace.

In walking your path, my faith grows.

In accepting your death, for my life, I find heavens gates wide open.

I thank you.

What lies in wait in the darkest night.

What storms our greatest walls of defense.

What burns and tears our flesh without end.

What can stand against your love, none of these that assail us.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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