Hello, alone with my

HelloAlone with my thoughts in the predawn darkness, it’s me again.

Wrestling with wants and desires, in the past mired.

Asking, seeking, watching, waiting as we talk, she’s healing.

A set back, then an advance, in this battle is not chance.

I thank you.

Still her strength she struggles.

Two weeks since her surgery she slumbers still more.

Is there more I can do, than just talk with you.

From these discussions I see her progress through each hurdle.

I thank you.

Long ago I should have seen.

Seen the need for these chats.

Time spent in learned discussions about where I’m at.

Of needs and wants in this circus of life, could have avoided much strife.

I thank you.

For this realization.

That you always listen.

When I talk nonsense and fill your ears with unending chatter.

Cutting through the desires, you point out my needs, burning the rest on wants pyres.

I thank you.

As new light filters past the nights darkness cannot last.

Struggling as a nightmare does, nights cloak gives way above.

Here below we see, then feel the warming light in which a new day is revealed.

Just as you promise, one day at a time, nothing more, nothing less.

I thank you.

My hearts in these hands.

These that build the day so grand.

Here between the fingers of life beating to your eternal might.

Held by the creator, not the created.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.




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