So sorry

I’m so sorry for your loss.Watching heroes gather under the cross.

Valiant hearts with wounded pride.

Stand vigil for these that died.

Sweating hope that never again.

War be waged by mortal men.

Still this breath that painfully fills this chest.

Only these warriors offer their best.

Silently approaching this place.

Each runs life’s final race.

No more a world do they carry.

Leaving family, colleagues and those they married.

Memories, hearts treasure.

Fair wells to fields on crimson and black.

Wounded in life, eternities got your back.

Your loss is heavens gain.

Evil dare not approach heavens gates.

Recall the smile, they laughter as well.

Forever each, their stories tell.

Saddened by this sudden departure.

Survivors own a piece of hell.

Of which only they to each other tell.

Eyes deep with hurts disgust.

Painfully repeating moments warriors must.

Forbidding failures rusty swings.

As warriors gain angles wings.

I’m so sorry for your loss.


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