Listening as you, from your prison wrote.Trials and mislaid events of youth you spoke.

Wisdoms words your heart grows.

Living out your thoughts the future knows.

Give times healing salve license your souls reprieve.

Write still, till your hours grow short.

Let not anger haunt, rather strengthen your report.

In this which burns and breaks, your heart remakes.

Stronger still is your soul from hates unwelcome chill.

Write on this passionate prose, give rise to poets you know.

Never ceasing your letters grow till, your heart life stills.

Send forth images on pages bound of words you found.

Chambers breached by those who teach, a gift you reach.

Simple and direct, amused for you to use.

Let’s these letters you repeat, vaunted by others on prisons seat.

Knowing freedom In words are found, but liberty, you give a sound.

Unspoken but true, Gods give is words for you.

As Paul before, write on for others as you reach the barred door.

Write on, write on.



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