Hello, agitated as others

HelloAgitated as others denounce your love, I’ve come back to you.

You, and our relationship where we grow stronger.

Stronger in faith centered on a hope which overcomes the hate.

Not judging, only accepting and praying for those I come to know.

I thank you.

Regardless what is said, this journey with my love I did not dread.

This journey with you, such peace of which I’d only read.

Red are these eyes, tear filled, uttering frustrations sighs.

Still, cradled in your welcome arms, accepting the worlds defeatist alarms.

I thank you.

Here, we in front of the masses grow.

While unwilling hearts batter us from the start.

Here, with our arms linked, faiths gates we form.

Open wide, deploying prayer, for all we care.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen


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