hello, heavy hearted

HelloHeavy hearted, full of joy and despair, I return to you.

Watching from afar, as disease overtook your child.

reading, hearing and understanding his walk stronger each day grew.

I knew you, now knows you, Jealous, and resentful, wanting and wishing. 

I thank you.

Wanting for my love to have the peace of healing.

Seeing her nearing the end of a savage road, kneeling.

Hurting for this families latest loss.

Hungry for your rescue from these seas in which we are tossed.

 I thank you.

No trial can outweigh the glory of your day.

Open wide the gates of heaven.

seated with the saints, our loved ones, this latest given.

Understanding, tribulations grow our faith.

I thank you.

Do not us forsake.

For in our failures your holiness grows great.

offering light in others darkness.

sending peace, when all are crosses before us.

I thank you.

We stand in the gap.

Ready to battle sins armies, with truths spear.

Shielded by your love.

Everything we hold dear.

I thank you.

Standing now with out one loved.

Knowing he’s gone home above.

Missing his words, his discernment.

Knowing another, you have already put among us.

I thank you.

My heart is heavy.

My soul is light.

Your victory over death.

Comforts me in this fight.

I thank you.

Oh, And Amen.


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