Hello, yesterday pain held 

HelloYesterday pain held my heart, today hope, I return to you.

Reading eyes fear filled, sorrows misery on countless brows.

Blessings yet received, I sing of a day, where love holds sway of humanity.

Yesterday, frustration gripped this mind, today love, liberates me with riches to find.

I thank you.

Long have we groaned about our losses.

Flesh pealed, burned and stitched.

Itching, appendages long gone, holding onto yesterday’s pain filled songs.

Slapped from depressions destitute fields, replanted in Christ’s wondrous garden.

I thank you.

Time issues orders to march.

Yet, your hands halt, and count our smiles as we drop.

Drop the worlds angry needs.

Dispense with evils sinful seeds.

I thank you.

Rest from me fears of trial.

Return this lions heart with great peace for my part.

Let no others take from me what you’ve given.

Allow me to share, for all I care before bedridden minds die.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen


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