Hello, bested by the day


Bested by the day, I return to you.

Filled with questions, I sit and listen.

Accepting this charge I stand to return.

Your hands return me to my knees.

I thank you.

Watching as I try.

Trying with all my might.

Mighty grows the struggle.

Struggling is my heart.

I thank you.


My reply is yes.

Do with me, as you will.


I thank you.

No finer could this heart be ground.

As I watch her slumber face frown.

Knowing pain creeps into her dreams.

Please, protect her from these things.

I thank you.

In your arms now I surrender.

Not as strong as she.

Though I crawl on bended knee.

Surrendering my will to your.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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