Hello, small, these pains

HelloSmall, these pains, when a nation hurts, still, with both I return to you.

Red, raw and glaring as images of evil others are sharing.

Stunned into angered silence as I hear a religious fever begets this.

Renewing my concern for my love, my prayers for her and this nation continue.

I thank you.

While her hope grows as her burden, survey looms near.

Her will to do and lead almost by cancer defeated.

Masking her own fears to others I see.

For her, a tear, raging frustration, the peace from fear.

I thank you.

Wanting to stand for right and love.

Agreed by others preaching war to heavens earn.

Offering them to you in prayers but ready to see them burn.

Like this cancer with you she’s beaten.

I thank you.

Could tonight the great surgeons knife carve this cancer from our world.

Taking the chemicals of wildfire and race it through their Koranic blight.

Irradiating each vile cell of evil from our lives.

As we for their souls offer your peace in their night.

I thank you.

When on her needs I should be focused.

These fools their faiths evil around me grows.

Return me now to your fields of gold.

Release us from this moment, bring us home.

I thank you.

For letting me see your healing hands at work.

For giving us this time to hear your words fulfilled.

For being the great healer, hope builder, peacemaker.

For listening to me rant, complain and praise.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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