Dream search

I must write of my dream before day captures my imagination and takes each vivid scene.For a reason still unclear, I am quite far from here. With another’s family in tow, driving across old beaten roads. Children and their mother in the sad and back, a man I seem to know driving, fearful of attack. For a reason I’m not sure, a girl of seven holds onto my front passenger door. Her feet fixed to a skateboard as we go. She’s laughing singing and carrying on you know. Carefree, talking to me. Suddenly she lets go of the door. Seeing her face turn from amber smiles to fallen ash. Standing, holding her skateboard as we pull away. Yelling for our driver to stop, he speeds up, until My fingers pull the floor shifter into neutral. Jumping from the car, hundreds of feet from where she last stood, only emptiness I find. 

Why where you riding beside me I think. Turning the driver I berate. He tosses me my backpack and things, then drives away as faces from the car, in tears I see. She is your child will you not search with me? Forging ahead they pull away from me.

My search along this road leads me to her last p,ace. Finding where her wheels found gravel instead of asphalt, here she stopped. Here I begin, looking along the creek near where I stand. No footprints nor board, my search I fear will not soon end. 

Beginning with a zig zag peters, I walk from the road into the tree line near the creek and back as I look. She could not have gone far, but far I will go, until I find her and return, and to others her show. Praying she is well, unhurt but afraid, I continue my search until children I hear. 

At first thoughts leap from sanguine to elated as I run to the sound that with my approach is soon abated. A boy, in some language I do not know, tries to tell me where to go. He holds a skateboard of yellow, like hers of blue. He cannot tell me it seems what he truly knew.

Others nearby watch fearfully inquisitive at my approach. Who knows where she has gone, can one tell me before I too grow lost. Looking at the sky, night runs across the blue. My watch’ compass, shows me direction I’m heading too.

From small hut to strange house, I walk, search and call for the girl on her blue skateboard, u till in frustration I shout.

Climbing the stairs of a circulate abode, I hear a woman unseen tell the children as they play. “Quite please, you are making me look sexy, don’t you see.”

Surely I misheard, such comments are absurd. But is not this search for a child I do not know. When her own family drove away from her, leaving me with no place to go.

Surely war touches this land. Their are kids and adults without fingers and hands. Yet still the work at living I see. In the growing darkness, kids playing, staring at me.

A stranger seeking what was lost, in a land of forgotten faces, each filled with hurts traces.

This dream from which I call for a lost girl now my my mind seems to fall.

Awake for a moment, I turn into my slumber and find two other men in search for this girl, now I truly wonder. What leads three strangers to search? Why would one leave his train birth, the other his lofty hunting perch. Each shares a phrase to call to these people. The girls name which they know, and have you seen her?

Off into the night, before the dealt find her to play. We pray, and begin nights new day.

Awake again, though I toss and turn, the dreams path I cannot earn.

Fearful, forever is this little girl lost. I’ve captured what I remember, for others who share this dream of wonder. Add your memories, help find the answers I seek. 

I don’t even know the questions, just her name, Sharron Dees. 


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